detail : An Intimate Conversation : © Victoria Pendragon 2016

Some are fools;

Some are sagacious;

Some, dark as coal;

Some, diatomaceous;

some are readers;

some write books;

some are leaders;

some are cooks;

some are bold

and some are shy;

some grow old;

some young ones die.

Everyone is different

in a hundred different ways,

each with their own story,

each living their own days.

The differences that define us,

support human evolution.

We can do this from a place of peace

or engender revolutions.

Change will come regardless,

best to seek peaceful solutions.

At our best, we’re marvelous,

with potential for amazing,

but our baser instincts bring us down;

we might as well be grazing.

Give a little; take a little;

do your thing and I’ll do mine.

Harm none; make room; live peacefully;

and on some things we’ll align,

but my body is my body,

just as yours belongs to you;

so let me make my decisions for me

and I’ll leave yours to you.