My Tamarack Mystery

V Pendragon
2 min readMar 25, 2024
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The Tamarack Mystery

I am an odd creature… I own that. I’m OK with it. I have to be OK with it as it has always, apparently, been so. I never quite “fit in” anywhere. I am fully functionally ambidextrous, my right and left brain act as equal partners. I am a published author (five books by now; only one self-published) and I am a graduate of what was called, at the time, the Philadelphia Museum College of Art. Nearing the end of my 70’s I am still both writing (obviously!) and creating art. My most recently published book was my autobiography (that’s the self-published one) and I exhibit my artwork both locally and at various other venues in the country.

Somewhat local to me is an institution called Tamarack that features, on a regular basis, the work of artists who reside in West Virginia. One’s work has to be juried in order to have their work exhibited at their very prestigious location. My husband and I took turns driving the 8-hour round trip to have my work assessed and accepted by them in order to take part in one of their exhibitions. We traveled; my work was accepted. We attended the opening of the show and that, apparently, was that for me because I never received another E-mail or another notification of any sort from them.

I had assumed, apparently incorrectly, that once one had put in the time and trouble to be “accepted” by them that one would continue to be notified of future exhibition opportunities. Most of the artists that had exhibited at the show I attended were “regulars.” But I never heard from Tamarack again, despite the fact that, even now, I have an online “page” with them:

Observing that they were still a functioning entity, I made various attempts — phone, E-mail, ground mail — in an attempt to discover what was up… and never received a response of any sort. In an attempt not to seem as if I were badgering them, I had only attempted contact every few months or so. I got nothing in return. I couldn’t — and still can’t — even imagine what the heck is going on, because they have never responded to me.

I remain mystified… and disappointed.



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