Goals? What Goals?

The Mountains Version of Feng Shui’s 6 True Colors

I may not be sitting on the top of the world, but I am sitting on top of the loveliest, heavily treed, too-big-to-be-a-hill but too-small-to-be-a-mountain that a person could imagine, living in a delightfully unique home built by a delightfully unique (if sometimes crazy-making) individual.

In short, I generally feel as if I am in heaven on earth. I have learned the meaning of the word, content, by living here. Are there some things I don’t have and would like to have? Sure. But life is basically so good that what I don’t have I don’t miss much.

I have never had a “goal” in my life… and here I am living a life that really couldn’t be much better (unless, perhaps, public transportation came out this far).

This is not luck… well, maybe a little… but mostly it’s following my heart and having really good friends who are wise enough to be generously honest with me and a glorious child who sometimes often acts as if she were my mother… but then, I’m old; maybe that’s just what happens. Maybe everybody experiences this contentment. I don’t know. I was never old before in this lifetime. Lucky, though, I for sure have been. Right place at the right time? Absolutely. And that’s what happens when you’re paying attention to your heart… to the longing of your Being that manages to somehow make its way through the minefield of your mind all the way to consciousness before your mind shuts it down as “just nonsense” and you act on the messages from your heart. (Remember, the heart doesn’t say “yes” to everything; it’s got a pretty fervent “NO” to offer too when that’s what’s necessary.)

It’s obvious that goal setting works for the folks it works for. My point is simple, though, some of us were not born to be goal-setters and it can be downright annoying to have people — usually people who don’t even know you — going on and on and on about goal setting. Learn to read the signs, for heaven’s sake. If it doesn’t look like someone is “getting it,” stop pitching it. There’s a whole bunch of us out here who neither want nor require goals. If someone seems to literally be falling asleep on you as you’re explaining the importance of having an “action plan,” take the hint! Stop talking. Goals are simply not necessary for all human beings. Some of us are “in the river” and it’s working just beautifully… because we are here to swim… which is not to say that challenges and disappointments don’t occur for us; of course, they do. They happen for goal-setters too! That’s life. If you are breathing, there will be challenges and disappointments.

Your mind is critical as a useful ally… but your heart is the best advisor you will ever have.




Astrology-Informed Artist; Author of self-help books on healing with Ozark Mt. Publishers; survivor

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V Pendragon

V Pendragon

Astrology-Informed Artist; Author of self-help books on healing with Ozark Mt. Publishers; survivor

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