Feng Shui from the Inside, Out

section of great room, with cat blankets


I first became intrigued with feng shui in the late 1990s a few years after I had begun what would go on to become a 16 year long career as a hands-on shamanic healer. One of my clients had come to the house to visit me, fresh from a weekend seminar that she had taken on feng shui. I knew nothing about feng shui; I’d never heard of it. She glanced around the first floor of our house and asked me if I’d be interested in a few suggestions; I said sure because, why not? She made her suggestions and my husband and I followed her direction, moving some of the paintings we had around, placing them differently.

At the time, my husband had been looking for a way to earn additional income for himself/us for a few years; he wanted something that he could do in addition to the 9-to-5 job which he had, something he could, ideally, transition into entirely at some point, something, most importantly, that he’d love doing. Within the next month or so, he’d found something. He chalked this inspiration that he’d had up to the change in the feng shui of the house.

Clearly, something had shifted for him. I was impressed. He had been struggling for some time trying to find something that resonated with him. I decided to investigate the possibility of taking classes in this ‘art of the environment’. Long story short, I ended up in professional training. When I’d been young my best friend had considered a career in interior design. I’d been intrigued with the idea but didn’t really seem to have a gift for it. Feng shui offered me an opportunity to work with interiors that were already set up and provided me with the guidelines that I would need to improve what was already there. It had the added benefit of dovetailing nicely with the healing work I was doing.

After a number of years training with one of the three best known teachers in the Philadelphia area, I had both residential and commercial certifications. In addition, I’d also taken classes with two other teachers who had a different approach to the art and I studied with them for a while as well, obtaining more certifications. Because of my already established healing work, I had many connections through which I could expand the potential of my feng shui practice. Coincidentally, feng shui just happened to be growing in notoriety and popularity at about the time that I was getting certified, thus I found myself with plenty of work and it was work that I enjoyed. I especially liked doing business consultations as the results were so easily identifiable and quantifiable.

I found that I preferred to focus on commercial enterprises. The goals of any business are relatively simple compared to the goals of individual people whose wants, needs, and desires frequently involve people other than themselves. Businesses want to prosper, possibly to grow and expand; people want… Wonderland. You can see the history and the fortunes of a business on a spreadsheet; it’s rarely that clear with people and relationships. Often, my private clients were unclear about specifically what it was that they wanted, but even when they were specific, interesting problems would often arise post-feng shui.

As an example, there was the case of the young musicians — husband and wife — who wanted to be signed to a recording label. They wanted, they said, (or at least the wife had said) for their income to be more dependable; being signed by a record company could do that for them.

I looked around the small apartment and could see many glaring feng shui issues that needed to be addressed. (A poster for the movie, Titanic in the relationship area???? Really?) This couple was, in fact, living in a space that almost seemed to have been set up with an eye towards failure in a number af areas of life. I completed my assessment; we sat and talked about all the things that required changing. They understood the glitches I was pointing out and determined to update their space in the ways that I had suggested and they followed through on that. Within about a month after my visit they were signed by recording company, just as they had wanted. They were scheduled almost immediately to go on tour but within a week, the husband had fallen and broken his legs.

As I mentioned, when I’d first visited their home, their apartment had clearly displayed that something inside them did not want to succeed in all the ways that they said they wanted to succeed. The former, pre-feng shui arrangement had been working for them by keeping them ‘small’ and ‘home together.’ Then I showed up with suggestions for altering what they had done in their home. Together we set them up for a success they were apparently not quite ready for… or perhaps may not have both wanted.

In residential consultations, I saw things like that happen again and again and again. Eventually I came to believe that the problems these folks perceived themselves as having may not have been in the feng shui of their homes but in the feng shui of the people themselves. The ‘faulty’ interiors, I was beginning to think, seemed to be perfect reflections of what was going on inside the people who lived in them. It was the people who needed to be feng shui-d, not their houses, which were merely an unconscious reflection of the residents. Fixing the houses wasn’t going to fix the people so in the long run, what was my work worth?

One morning as I was coming out of sleep, I began receiving information about a request I’d made to the universe, a request to understand the healing I’d experienced years before from a physical disease that was supposed to have killed me. I wanted to be able to pass that information on to others. As I awoke and realized what was coming through, I grabbed the pen and paper that I always kept (and still keep) bedside and began making notes rapidly.

Over time I gradually began turning all my hands-on healing clients over to the do-it-yourself technique for emotional cellular reprogramming that I’d been made aware of by my body, or my dream self, or wherever on earth that information came from. I started using the technique on myself as well, and during the next five years began unconsciously laying the foundations for an entirely new life, one I could never have imagined for myself back in the 90s… except that, at some level of my consciousness, I think I may have. Because one day in late 90s, when my second husband and I were visiting a clothing optional resort we discovered that it was situated next to a clothing optional housing development. The first houses in the small community were just going up and my husband was curious to see them. As we headed up one of the hills, ahead of us, at the top of the hill, I could see a round house, stone and wood, with windows all around the upper level. It was beautiful. The first thought that entered my head as I saw that house was, “I deserve to live in a house like that.”

That thought was immediately followed — and I do mean immediately — by a voice inside me saying, “If you deserved to live in a house like that, you’d be there.” I realized that was true so I let go of the idea and never gave it a second thought.

Today, I live in that very house, the one I once felt that I did not deserve to live in.

And it is here, in this house, where I have lived for eight years now, that I have just finished my third book about the amazing technique that allowed me to feng shui myself and come to be living in heaven on earth. I called the second book, Feng Shui from the Inside, Out for reasons that could hardly be more obvious. Real change starts inside… and it takes a lot more time than does rearranging the furniture.