Anger, Fear, Hate & Life In a Body

Everything is energy. You can consult the works of Nicolas Tesla on that one; I’m not going into it here. Energy, by nature, flows. Trapped energy, suddenly released creates an explosion or finds other ways to express itself but the flow of energy cannot be stopped for long.

For quite some time now, medically oriented researchers have known that cancer (cellular energy gone wild) is related, in the human body, to anger (feeling energy with the potential to go wild). People who are angry, if they have not been taught how to express it in ways that can be useful, usually do one of two things: they either hold it inside, allowing it to fester, or they hold it inside until they blow up, often as not, at someone else.

Any feeling — good or bad — that goes unexpressed holds the potential for unpleasant ramifications. Because of our genetics, because we are human, if we are mentally healthy, we will have feelings. If we have been raised in an ideal fashion, we may know how to express ourselves with regard to those feelings but there are certain feelings — like anger — that are difficult for some people to deal with, there are feelings that are difficult for some people even to even acknowledge, and parents can pass on their inability to deal with these feelings to their children.

One of these feelings is fear. We’re not ‘supposed’ to be afraid of anything yet fear is built right into our DNA as a survival mechanism. Children are afraid of the dark because they cannot see what is there in the blackness, making that odd noise. Adults are afraid of people they are unfamiliar with, especially if they are in an unfamiliar place and the people are not the same as the people they are used to being around. This, too, is DNA at work, old, old DNA from when humans lived in small tribes and their territory meant food and that food meant their survival.

This is where the Boogey Man came from, from a tribal fear of The Other that lives in our DNA. It is one of the roots of human hate. Animals fear each other when one is prey, or when one is smaller than the other, but they do not hate each other. That emotion, hate, (and it is an emotion, not a feeling) belongs only to humans because we have a mind and that mind evaluates everything; it also holds onto quite a lot. A feeling comes and goes and is a very body-related thing but an emotion can last for decades and lives as much in the mind as in the body. Hence, while one may say that they are “afraid of x,y,z,” when not in the presence of x,y,z, they can be removed from that feeling.

If, however, over time, they grow to dread x,y,z, they may well grow to hate it for causing them to be afraid. Children dwell in a world where they are in control of pretty much nothing; that they might ‘hate’ something is not unreasonable. Ideally, with proper guidance, they grow out of hating and into understanding. Adults have no excuse to hate. They have no excuse not to acknowledge their inherent fear of The Other and get over it.

Anger and hatred and other emotions that define a destructively energetic state not only wreak havoc on others, they are soul-killing and disease-causing to those that harbor them because, unlike positive emotions such as love and compassion, negatively charged emotions, over time, like parasites, devour their hosts.

Positive emotions are life enhancing; negative emotions diminish the energy of life. This has been documented even in the world of plants. It’s simpler to document among the plants than it is with flesh and blood creatures that have minds for we are far more complex. But as the worlds of physics and medicine inch ever closer and closer together I have no doubt that it will be “scientifically proven” to be true for humans as well. So-called “failure to thrive” has already been shown to be a valid pediatric diagnosis. Good energy matters for life support; bad energy ruins everything it touches… for disease and decay, too, are energetic phenomena.



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