I spent my senior year of HS in 1963/4 in a new school. I knew no one. I was a too-cute, kinda sexy type and as a result anathema to the other girls... except one. Her name was Susan and we were both art majors. She, too, seemed to have no friends among the girls, built, as she was, more like a football player and presenting herself more like a farmer.

We hung out at her house which was her preference. We ended up attending the same art college and commuted together in freshman year when classes were the same…

So glad to see someone else say this. It took me qute a while to realize that it was for me, but clearly, it has been and continues to be.

indescribable, really... though a very strange thing happened to me within hours after doing so. By that time, I was back in the motel room where I was staying and had lain down for a nap. I closed my eyes and 'saw' the ocean, closer to shore, awash with all kinds of plastic debris, so much that there was no space between any of it; it was like some horrifying deadly quilt, and a sort of a message - ? …

A small detail from a small old lady... originally, Mr PH was just a bag of parts... y'had to supply your own potato.

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Seven Reasons to Live (detail, dream image) V Pendragon 1990

My mother “saw something” in me. She saw it when I was very, very young and installed me in Saturday morning art classes at the Philadelphia Art Museum at some age that I now have no conscious memory of. The classes were designed for very young children of the 1950s, so what I received was a fairly traditional, conservative and realistic approach to creating art.

I hated it.

I did, however, love the art museum itself and, more often than not, managed to slip out of class to wander the halls and galleries of the museum. I had favorite paintings…

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I’ve written a lot here on Medium about my childhood. I’m disinclined, at this point, to detail that horror show yet again. Suffice it to say that it was marked by both sexual and emotional abuse and there was a lot of both… it took place over the course of about 16 years.

Thanks to the rise to power, in this country, in recent years, of a man who embodied the type of men that had played a significant role in the unfolding of my early years, I was compelled — by my body — to embark on a journey…

Thank you. Your words are necessary. They have no edge of celebration, no sense of dancing on graves, they are simply correct. Niceness for the sake of social politeness reduces the impact of something quite favorable to humanity having occurred. When evil leaves the planet, serious gratitude is appropriate and gives others the opportunity to consider the ways that they will be recalled when their time comes.

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It was remarkable, daunting, and almost literally stunning, after having lived with secrets that had been trapped in my body for decades, to have her — my body — suddenly vomit all of those secrets out as if she’d received a double dose of Ipecac for the Brain. It had been startling, to be sure, when it happened, and I don’t know how long the event lasted, or really, even, what exactly it was that triggered it.

Shortly before the memory-dump had occurred, I’d been chatting with one of my sisters — third from the youngest in the family line…


You have done a beautifully thorough job on this. As a person who casually weaves this topic in wherever I can, I am so impressed with your work.

As a mixed-race person who was once a mixed-race little kid who was equally shunned by both sides (although only badly bullied by one side...you can probably guess which) I had a miserable childhood, not only in school but from other relatives as well.

Seriously, humanity needs to grow up.

V Pendragon

Astrology-Informed Artist & Author, : https://v.pendragon.com; Art @ httpS://www.VictoriaPendragonPaints.

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